Best Monitor and Capture Card Gear for Live Streaming Games Without Lag!


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How do we take video from one source and put it into another source that we can then use for recording or live streaming using capture cards? If you'd like to be able to live stream one screen onto another from one computer or a video game to a different computer and live stream it or record it, will you please learn about capture cards with me because having a nice capture card setup is really helpful for being able to effortlessly live stream or record anything? Best Monitor and Capture Card Gear for Live Streaming Games without Lag! This is the exact capture card I use, the "Magewell USB 3.0 HDMI Video Capture Dongle." Now, here's where this capture card is in my particular setup. In my setup, I've got my monitor on the left. Then, I've got the capture card right down here in the middle. It takes an HDMI out from the monitor, and then it puts it into my MacPro back here, which I pull into Wirecast. Right now I'm doing the live stream off my phone, and then when I click on this, it moves the screen back over whatever is on this monitor is what I'm capturing. This is an amazing setup for using two different monitors like this because it allows me to live stream anything that's on this monitor. The key piece to this is a monitor with an HDMI out. That way, anything that's on this monitor, I just have this one capture card that gets it and puts it into Wirecast. This is one of those things I found out the hard way and through video gaming. I was using a different capture card and I was putting my Xbox One into it, which then had two outs. One was an HDMI into the monitor and the other was a USB straight into the computer. When you are playing a game like "Call of Duty" where every millisecond makes a difference between who gets to shoot first and who gets the kill, a couple of milliseconds getting to shoot first, hitting the other person throwing their aim off, make a huge difference for kill death. When you use the capture card between whatever you are using, you are limited to that specific source and you are also introducing some lag, even if it's small lag. For things like video games, or sometimes for music or vocals, even if there are a few millisecond lag between your voice and what you are saying, it can be an issue. When I do my videos, if I switch over on my phone and do the audio on my phone, because it's WIFI there is a little tiny lag you can notice between when I talk on the iPhone and when it actually goes over into the computer. That's because I've got the audio going straight into the computer, and then the iPhone goes straight into the computer. There is a little tiny bit of lag you introduced when you put a capture card in a less than ideal position. It's not wrong, it just depends on the results you want to get. I have a capture card for Mac and this is on my page. I've got the exact capture card I use listed there. Then, the key to this set up is to use an HDMI out monitor. I'm trying to tell everyone about this because most monitors do not have an HDMI out and an HDMI out makes all the difference in the world for something like gaming, especially on a first-person shooter like "Call of Duty" and even in things like if you want to be a professional "League of Legends" player. You definitely want to reduce that lag in any way you can. The gaming monitor I've got on my resources page here is this BenQ. Discover more at Love, Jerry Banfield

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