Best Time to Live Stream on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Mixer, and DLive?


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When is the best time to live stream on DLive, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter with Periscope, Mixer by Microsoft, or wherever you want to live stream? The simple answer is any time that feels right, go for it! What I've noticed is that a lot of us trying to get started with things and improve overly complicate what we are doing with schedules. We try to put everything in a mental box and understand exactly when we should do it, then we try to start doing something like live streaming, and then we have to immediately set a schedule and it has to be this time, at this day of the week, and finally we don't stick to it and we just stop doing it all together. For me, it is ideal if we can have a schedule. That said, when you are just getting started and/or trying to improve, you probably don't know when the best schedule would be. Now, if you have got a limited availability, you know you can only live stream at say 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday's Eastern, which I'm currently doing something like that, maybe it's 10:00 a.m., most of the live streams I've done so far though have just been whenever I felt like it, whenever everything was inspiring. I had six hours to play "Call of Duty Zombies" that day and I just started the live stream. Now, it's ideal to be able to schedule it. That said, take a look at this data. You don't need to schedule a live stream for it to do really well. One of my top three viewed videos is "Can a pro coach get me out of bronze in League of Legends?" which was a random live stream that almost no one watched at the time. There were maybe one or two live viewers whenever I did it and you will notice now it's got seven hundred and seventy-two thousand views two years later. That's the power of live streaming just by inspiration. I did schedule the time to do it with the coach, but I didn't tell anyone about the live stream in advance. I didn't put an event up and get people to go to it. When I started live streaming, I made my live streams a big deal. I would try to build an email list and tell everyone when they were going to be and that can be good. The problem with that is it's a lot of work and most of us are pretty lazy. We have both tendencies: we have the tendency to want to work and we get really lazy. What did I do when I eventually kept scheduling and making all my live streams a big deal? I stopped doing them all together for a year or two, and then when I got back into it, I just started doing random live streams again and a lot of the best videos I have in terms of the numbers of views are totally random live streams. I just live streamed something and it ended up doing really well. That is something many of us don't give enough credit for, which is just trusting inspiration. Now, what's uncomfortable with just trusting inspiration is you don't know ahead of time. For me, I find I get these ideas that are just bursting to come out. Like one day, I just really wanted to do stand-up comedy, so I did a few stand-up comedy videos and some people liked them. Does that mean it's going to go viral and be the best ever? No. It just means that that's what I need to do that day and a lot of the best videos I've had, have been just random live streams where I felt like I really just wanted to play that game that day, or I really just wanted to do a tutorial on something that day, and I did it. A lot of these videos, you might say, I didn't set them up and try to get everyone to watch them, I just did them, and what's nice with live streaming, especially on YouTube, is that things will stay up there indefinitely. You can do a live stream in a random time of day, no one can watch it and you can still have the potential for years to get people to come watch it when you take the time to set everything up organically. I think that this may be really helpful for you if you are excited about live streaming or you are doing anything similar like video production and

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