How Do We Heal Ourselves Without Surgery? #189


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Will you please discover the surgery trap with us because this might save us untold hours of pain, misery and discomfort as a result of having unnecessary medical procedures? ► Listen on DSound at!/@jerrybanfield/20180322t203849325z-how-do-we-heal-ourselves-without-surgery-189 or continue reading below! I say unnecessary in the sense that the problem the medical procedure seeks to solve can be completely fixed in a lot of cases without any medical intervention. Thank you for reading about day 189 of Happier People Podcast and I hope you enjoy it! How Do We Heal Ourselves Without Surgery? Now, I'm an ordinary person. I'm no doctor and I'm giving my point of view as an ordinary person, which I find is often more helpful than the position of an expert. I trust you to do whatever you need to do with this because these are based on observations I've noticed from the people I love and care about in my life. Here's the case study of one of the family members. Case study, the family member was in the military and was responsible for physical training or PT. As a part of this PT, a lot of running was included. The family member’s feet continued to hurt more and more over time and in order to continue running they had several foot surgeries on their feet, which now, 20 years later, has resulted in feet that are so messed up they can barely walk on them, and it takes medication every day in order to deal with that as a part of the total physical pain. Now, an alternative to having that surgery would have been to stop the trauma. Stop running on those feet and the feet would have completely healed themselves more than likely, if not simply have continued to at least stay in a similar condition instead of continuing to deteriorate quickly. As a result of those foot surgeries that family member went through hundreds of hours of discomfort, pain, and even a third-degree burn as a result of a medical error during one of the surgeries resulting in permanent scarring on the leg, which was not involved in the actual foot surgery. How Do We Heal Ourselves Without Surgery? If we consider the alternative, had the family member simply stopped running and got a different job that did not require running, they would have avoided thousands of hours of pain and suffering as a result of those foot surgeries and the related continuing injuries on the feet. The family member still ended up not being able to run and fulfill the physical training requirements after ten more years of running in the military despite the multiple foot surgeries resulting in alternative physical training allowances. The foot surgeries from what I observed appeared to only truly provide a little bit of rest, because with those foot surgeries the family member was not able to run for months. Had the family member simply rested instead of having surgery, the result would have likely been almost identical in terms of improvement offered by the surgery and far superior twenty years later. I have started this line of questioning because I recently read something by a doctor that said approximately half of all surgeries produce nothing more than a placebo effect. In other words, if the patient thinks they had the surgery, the exact same result is produced even though no real medical intervention was done. About half of surgeries produce nothing more than a belief in the patient that it would heal and likely the trauma being stopped for a period of time. I've also seen further complications of surgeries even if the thing itself did work. For example, patiences often end up getting addicted to pain pills or having complications as a result of medications. Continue reading at Love, Jerry Banfield

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