How Do We Produce More and Work Less? #188


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How do we make a greater contribution to the world while spending more time with our families and doing the things we love? In other words, how do we produce more while working less? These are the questions I frequently consider today because this is how I intend to live. Thank you for reading about day 188 of Happier People Podcast and I hope you enjoy it! How Do We Produce More and Work Less? I've been raised and conditioned with a productivity "do more is more" mindset and what I've learned after seven years almost of working online is that I can actually produce much more in terms of the good I do out of what I've produced when I actually work less. Now, this sounds like some kind of fantasy or some way of a lazy person to rationalize, “You know what? I'm going to do more. I'm going to do more and I'm going to work less.” It sounds like one of those things people say just to try to get out of doing real work and having a real job. Here's the thing. When we've been conditioned with this factory mindset, the number of hours we go to work and the amount of work we produce matters because everything is conditioned on how many units we can make. The more units we can make, the more we can sell, the more we can profit. We still largely mentally have an industrial age mindset where the more hours we are at work the more we produce, the more good we've done essentially. The problem is, the way we live today we've got enough stuff. Look around, this is my daughter's play area. How Do We Produce More and Work Less? She has enough stuff. We don't need to just crank a world out full of more and more and more stuff today. What we need are things that really make a huge impact, that solve problems, that people are in huge amounts of pain over, that help people feel inspired and excited to live. That's what we need today. We need things that make a real difference in people's lives. We don't just need more videos. We don't just need more widgets. Now, sure, there are some places where we live and work where we just need more productivity, but even there we have an opportunity. A lot of us equate with more is just doing more, and this is a very difficult mindset to break, especially trying to think that we want results, but what we really expect is more. My wife had a classic example of this. Her boss said it was all about results at the job she used to have and as long as she got stuff done, then there was flexibility and everything else. Guess what? My wife got everything done, got way ahead on things, and then her boss still wasn't sure why she wasn't coming in early and staying late because that's what he expected a future partner at a law firm to do. She wondered, "Where is this disconnection between the results I have gotten for this firm in a small amount of time and the idea that more hours equals better?" "Why do I need to come in early and stay late, and go short on lunch when I finished up months of work and am now doing another person's job?" What I found today, especially for those of us working online, the truth is that we can do a thousand times more good. We can help massively by doing work that is produced out of a high-quality state. A state of love and joy and happiness. That's what we're ultimately trying to communicate. What I've seen in so many comments on my videos on my blog post is that readers and viewers can tell I'm genuinely happy. I genuinely love my life. I'm having fun doing what I'm doing. Now, a lot of us think that's a luxury and say, "Well, Jerry, that's great. You've had a business seven years online, you've made lots of money, you can afford to have fun. You can afford to be happy. You can afford to spend time with your family. You can afford the luxury of someone who's made it, who can then just do whatever they want." How Do We Produce More and Work Less? The key is, we get what we end up having out of the state we're pro

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