Permission to Cry and Feel Sad Without Needing an Excuse or a Reason! #192


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We have the freedom today to feel happy, sad, and every other emotion in life today without needing a reason, excuse, or explanation! How many of us realize that especially when it comes to being accountable to that inner critic that demands a reason to feel anything? I hope this post helps because I have struggled a lot in my life with just feeling safe to feel my feelings and not lock up every emotion within what often is a false reason. My hope in sharing this is to help more of us eliminate the annoying questions of "OMG WHAT'S WRONG?" and "Why are you so happy/sad/excited/not numb?" because these are based in fear of being vulnerable and judged. Thank you for reading about day 192 of Happier People Podcast and I hope you enjoy it! If you will prefer to read, will you please visit because the full transcript is available there? Just before creating this, I just finished laying down here crying. I had my daughter's blanket over here and I laid down with Eeyore. I just sobbed. I just cried and there was no reason. I was sad and the rest of the world was just fine. No problems or reasons. Permission to cry and be sad without needing an excuse or a reason #192 I feel different now. I feel much better now, like after you throw up, that feeling of relief. That's how I feel now. Oh, I felt sad five minutes ago. I can't say that I do feel sad. Now, I feel happy. Now, I feel full of joy. I feel energetic. So many people ask, "Jerry, how do you have so much energy?" We have a lot of energy when we allow our dark side to come up and we don't have to explain it. We don't have to sit there and say, "Well this is why I'm sad." I'm so tired of that. Whenever we say we are sad, other people will say, "Why? Why are you sad? What's wrong, Jerry? There's nothing in life to be sad about." You are right, there's nothing in my life to be sad about or about everyone else's lives. What about just my daughter? She's two and a half, and sometimes she just has a breakdown for no obvious reason, and then she feels better right afterwards. What I've noticed this morning is that I was feeling like I didn't have enough time to film my video course. I didn't have enough time, I hadn't done enough, I couldn't do enough, and then that is awful to feel that way. Now, a lot of my life I just went around trying to fight that mentally, "Well, I do have enough time. Well, I shouldn't feel like this," and that has this state then of a background of pain. The kind of pain that when someone pulls out in front of you with a car and you blow up at them. That kind of pain when the line is a little bit too long at the grocery store. You are about ready to just start going crazy and hurting people. The kind of pain that when you have some kind of substance to numb it, you feel so much relief. There's an easier solution. You just lay down, grab a blanket and cry over it like a baby, and it works. It works so well, I just did it. That's how I know it works, and I feel so much better now. I feel restored to sanity because it feels insane to be sad in heaven. Permission to cry and be sad without needing an excuse or a reason #192 It feels insane to be all upset, and then need to explain it. You need to look around and say, "Well, this person did this and that's why I'm sad." That makes it worse. I find it makes it worse when I say that I'm sad because of someone else. I experienced a lot of feelings come up in proximity to something my wife said today. It wasn't because she said that, it was my reaction to it. It doesn't have anything to do with her, it is how I'm feeling and I have a free pass. I can be sad for no reason at all today and that's freedom. No one needs to give me permission to be sad. I can be sad because I want to be sad, because it's a sunny day outside and I am tired of t

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