Produce Videos with Beautiful Lighting for $100 Including Webcam and Light Bulbs!


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How do we do perfect lighting for our home video production studios for under $100 for the lights and webcam? After years of research and testing, I finally have a simple solution here! Will you join me in reading and learning this because this has been one of the most annoying part of setting my studio up at home to film professional quality videos in my bedroom over the last three years and you can save a ton of time, energy and aggravation by seeing exactly how I do it right here? After years of less effective solutions, this works really well. The first huge point that I did not consider enough in my lighting was my webcam. As I changed light bulbs, as I spent hundreds of dollars on professional lighting products and screens and setups, I didn't consider that my webcam, my camera, was one of the most critical parts of lighting. Therefore, I recommend to look at the camera first. If you'd like to see the exact links I'm using for these things I mention, will you please go to because I've got everything I'm talking about listed right there? Under the "Primary Webcam," I've got this Logitech C930e 1080p HD video webcam. Produce Videos with Beautiful Lighting for $100 Including Webcam and Light Bulbs! This is one of those little things I wish I'd done a long time ago because what I was doing, I was using the C920, which is my secondary webcam now. Produce Videos with Beautiful Lighting for $100 Including Webcam and Light Bulbs! The C920 now records my musical instrument interface here. I still got that, but this is what I started with. This is a very good webcam, however, for 20 more dollars, this Logitech C930e is way better. Go for this one. I've talked to a bunch of friends that had the same issue with cameras, this is the most cost-effective solution I've found to get a lot better picture. As soon as I got this camera instead of the other one my green screen worked much better immediately. The existing lighting I had was much better than with the C920. This C930e is outstanding. This is what I'm recording this on right now. You can see the picture is awesome and my face looks so much better if you watched some of my older videos. This camera looks great. If you have already got a built-in webcam for your computer, you might think it's not worth upgrading. I think having a 1080 camera is much better than Apple. My iMac has a built-in 720, but I think this 1080 camera makes a big difference. This is the best I found after I've used the built-in camera. I've used the C920, I've tried several other cameras, and then given them away because they didn't work as well as the Logitech C920 even. This is the best I've found after testing a bunch of them. My friend Tomas George has a similar quality camera that costs hundreds of dollars. This one is also very cost effective. Today, only $75 on Amazon compared to what I was using was only 20 dollars less. Man, I wish that someone had told me this earlier. BAM! I've told it to you today. Now, the camera is a huge part of the lighting because each camera produces a different quality. The camera has an interaction with the lighting, so the lights plus the camera make the picture. Therefore, a better camera, the same lighting may work great with a different camera. When you are sure your camera is solid, then it's down to lighting. I recommend to get the camera solid first, then you can do lighting. If you got a good enough camera, you can even get cute with it. Now, alright. Look. This thing even is pretty good in the dark. I actually turned all the lights off. This thing even works pretty well in the dark. Produce Videos with Beautiful Lighting for $100 Including Webcam and Light Bulbs! That's incredible, even though the only source of light is the computer monitors on my face. It still works in the dark and when I turn the lights on, it pretty quickly changes and fades the green screen out cor

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