Secrets to Making Time for What We Love without Being Overwhelmed?


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How do we make time for YouTube, Steem, live streaming, or for trying anything new that we are excited about? What I've noticed in sharing so many new things that I get excited about is that most of us, our main limitation, the main thing that stops us from getting what we want from experiencing all these amazing things in life, is our commitment to what we are already doing even when something better comes along. Secrets to Making Time for What We Love without Being Overwhelmed? While in our minds trying something new is sexy, bold, and exciting, when we actually try to do it we are suprised to see how afraid we are and often after perhaps an initial attempt, we regress to going what we used to even when we know that will not leave us feeling happy. For a better result, we require a leap of faith into the unknown. Now, what most of us are hoping to get, for example, more money, a more comfortable living situation, a bigger contribution to the world, more peace of mind, many of these things we are hoping to get require a leap of faith into the unknown. I know this was really hard for me when it came to sobriety. I drank for something like eleven years in my life and I enjoyed it a lot of the time. At the same time, it caused a lot of destruction and misery in my life and I could see that I was never going to live a happy, peaceful, consistent life of things full of what I wanted as long as I drank. In fact, I was just going to drink myself worse and worse eventually to death, and yet despite all of that negative reinforcement, despite seeing how good people's lives were sober, it was really scary to take a leap of faith into the unknown. In seeing death was my alternative, I was motivated four years ago and I still go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day. There I could see exactly what people's lives looked like who weren't drinking which looked a lot better than mine. I had clear proof of how great it was for some of the people. I had clear proof of seeing how miserable what I did was. I had clear proof that I couldn't just have one drink or two drinks without wanting and craving more, and yet it was still hard not to go to the liquor store because the hard part was taking that leap of faith into the unknown. I realized I was terrified of what would my life look like if I stayed sober. What would my life look like if I actually learned how to live a good life without using some kind of substance, alcohol or anything else, or behaviors, to modify it, to deal with my feelings? What would my life look like if I actually became a better person? What would I be if I started taking suggestions by other people and started trying to improve myself? My life today is unimaginable from how it was four years ago when I first went to AA. Well, I went to AA a lot earlier, but long story short, I went four years ago and I've stayed sober since then. My life is unimaginably different today from not drinking to all these other behaviors like now I eat whole plant foods and eat vegan mostly. That was unimaginable four years ago. It was unimaginable that I would be able to have a happy life on a daily basis, that a fight with my wife wouldn't have to leave me utterly miserable, that I might not even have to fight with my wife at all. It was unimaginable that I could be a good father, that I wouldn't have to get mad and scream and run around the house, that I could have bad things happen and not lose my mind over it. My life is unimaginably good today and I couldn't picture living this good before. I couldn't picture having hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments. I couldn't imagine how that would happen because four years ago I had $100,000 almost in credit card debt and still when you count the student loans it was over $100,000. My finances were predictably and very easily realistically bad. What's hard for a lot of us is to take that leap of faith. It is like dying, you just jump into somethi

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