Steem + Steemit Inc April 2018 Live Updates and Interviews from MSP Waves Radio Witness Forum!


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Will you join us today to hear what is new on Steem in April 2018 during the Witness Forum on MSP Waves Radio at because we begin with a thirty minute presentation from the Content Director at Steemit Inc followed by witnesses reviewing many of our top opportunities and challenges on the Steem blockchain? For getting an inside look at what we are doing here and how some of us working on Steem full time are thinking, we think you will really enjoy this! New to Steem? The main idea we are sharing on Steem is that OUR VOICE HAS VALUE especially when we share our stories, photos, videos, and live streams. Instead of sharing on other social media websites and blogs where we help companies become rich and get spammed with ads in return for our contribution, on Steem we each have a chance to decide what posts are most valuable and participate every day in building the Steem blockchain. Learn more at What is a Witness? The short version is that witnesses on Steem are the block producers within our Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS). In DPOS we vote on witnesses with our stake instead of wasting huge amounts of energy and computing power with Proof of Work mining like on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. To learn more, will you read because our votes for witnesses determine our future together here on Steem? Who Participated? Want to get to know the participants of this live radio show from by @minnowsupport? Here are the profiles of everyone that participated alongside me! @aggroed hosted the show and presents his recording at while providing each of us that participated with permission to record our own version of the show and upload it as I have done! @andrarchy is the Content Director for Steemit Inc which owns where we get an overview of the Steem blockchain and the top user interface for Steem. @lukstokes is a top witness for Steem with a focus on engaging with the community and is the founder of @roelandp is a top witness for Steem most well known for organizing Steemfest as seen at @followbtcnews is a top witness for Steem mostly recently having launched launched which allows us to share tips with any user on Twitter in Steem alongside his existing service with @pharesim is a top witness for Steem as seen at @yabapmatt is a backup witness for Steem and the creator of What were some of my favorite parts of the show? @andrarchy said at some point in the first 30 minutes or so that "Smart Media Tokens are almost ready" which I was very excited to hear because we have been hearing about them for months now and are ready for release! At around 12 minutes, @andrarchy points out that our blockchain on most days processes more transactions than all the others combined as seen at At around 18 minutes, @andrarchy talks about user retention and improving the sign up process along with how Steemit Inc. sees the role in developing Steem. After hearing all the witnesses share our passions and opinions on opportunities and challenges on Steem, what leaves me feeling good is the commitment we all have for helping build community on Steem. At around 32 minutes, @andrarchy discusses the intention to have Steem be a unifying identity with many applications on the blockchain like @dlive without being the primary focus. Witnesses begin introductions and discussion around 36 minutes leaving me with a warm and fuzzy feeling at the end where we are all committed to serving and growing Steem together! Thank you very much for reading about and watching this l

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