Tornado Watch is Song #36!


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Today in Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA we are watching for tornadoes which inspired the name for my song #36 as "Tornado Watch!" I only thought of the name after a few minutes of going through the whole worst case scenario! What if a tornado comes during the tornado watch and kills my whole family I thought while uploading this instrumental track with no lyrics or words? First, I figured I have not had any premonitions about it meaning it is fairly unlikely. Next, whenever it is time to die I get to float out of my body and get some quality time in with everyone waiting to greet me in heaven. Then I get to choose a new set of parents before finally I come back here where I intend to return to a world where my work in this body has been helpful. As I create I clearly picture being on the other side with no memory of having made this. In considering the details of a possible tornado death, I pictured all the Steem and SBD accumulating in my account as my voting bot ran on indefinitely while the months passed before any relatives figured out how to get into my Steem account and start draining the money. I wondered how long it would take for people on Steem to even figure out that we all had died here in a tornado. I thought how little I would care about all of it and at the same time the grief of letting go. Instead of coming out of that afraid as one might think, I feel most peaceful now and am excited to see what the storm brings. I am grateful I have the courage to just share whatever I am thinking today with the hope it is useful for you the reader and listener! Love, Jerry Banfield

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