Unlock Extra Energy Filming Videos, Burn More Calories, and Lose Weight with a Standing Desk!


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What makes a standing desk so extremely helpful for video production and live streaming? Will you please look at this with me because for the first year or two I did live streaming and video production, I sat down to record my videos and I learned that having a standing desk makes the video production process so much easier, more effective and it has a ton of health benefits? Unlock Extra Energy Filming Videos, Burn More Calories, and Lose Weight with a Standing Desk! When people watch our videos, our energy comes through very clearly. What kind of energy do we want to transmit on our videos? I got feedback when I used to do my videos sitting down that I talked in too much of a monotone, that I sounded too boring, that I didn't sound enthusiastic and excited about what I was doing. I discovered that it is a part of body language, especially if we do something like we cross our arms and we sit down, we get defensive, we get annoying: “I don't really like this. I'm going to tell you about this product today.” Unlock Extra Energy Filming Videos, Burn More Calories, and Lose Weight with a Standing Desk! When you stand up, open your arms up, jump around, move your hands, it gets really easy to essentially turn it into a performance, instead of trying to sit there and, “Oh! I can't record this right now. What's wrong?” You stand up. You pitch. You get all the way into it. You have fun. You present. Essentially, I feel like I'm on stage, like doing stand-up comedy or some kind of a routine. Having the body language of standing up is extremely helpful for a more animated and exciting video. Now, sure, some people are turned off by excitement? Do you want that for your audience? I personally want an audience that's turned on by genuine enthusiasm and excitement. I saw a comment on one of my posts, "How can you get up there and lie and look so genuine while you're doing it." Unlock Extra Energy Filming Videos, Burn More Calories, and Lose Weight with a Standing Desk! Maybe it's easy for me to just share my truth, especially standing up. I've noticed when my mother talks on the phone with me, she's consistently walking and pacing around, and then if she wants to listen she sits down. I've noticed the same thing, if it's time for me to talk, all I need to do is stand up, stick a microphone and a camera in front of my face, and words will just come out. When we script stuff and try to sit down and read it, "my God, that's boring." I can't stand courses that are like that. "Now, when you're in this program, you go over here and click on that, and then you go down here. You click on the …" Argh! I need to get out and let it out. A standing desk for almost all of us helps us to just let it all out. I challenge you to notice how you are behaving when you are sitting down versus standing up. When you are standing up, I bet you will notice it's a lot easier to just talk to people. I notice most of the conversations I have with people are standing up unless at night with my wife, we will have a nice calm situation relaxing at the end of the day. We will sit down on the couch and talk quietly. If what you have to share is more appropriate to a sitting down and talking quietly on the couch conversation, then go for it. I encourage you, based on 10,000 reviews on my courses, hundreds of thousands of comments on YouTube, the thousands of comments on Steem and Facebook, to get excited, to put your passion and energy, to let it all out. A standing desk makes that way easier. It's just natural. Now, some things that are challenging, which standing desk do I use? Will you find out at https://jerrybanfield.com/resources/ because I have the links to everything there? Love, Jerry Banfield

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