Where is the Best Website to Live Stream in 2018?


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Will you join us in looking at the best live streaming platforms because I have live streamed on each of these collectively hundreds of times and have years of experience that might be helpful for you? Where is the Best Website to Live Stream in 2018? I like to use several different platforms because some of these have limitations that by using a different one can be completely overcome which allows me to maximize the benefits of multiple platforms while eliminating most of the individual downsides. If you want to see the equipment and software I use that allows me to live stream to up to six websites at once, will you please visit https://jerrybanfield.com/resources/ because everything is linked there? #1 Dlive Dlive may be the best opportunity to start from zero and actually begin earning some money immediately from live streaming. Dlive is on the Steem blockchain as an application and it is for most of us the only opportunity we have to actually earn any money getting started with our live streams. #2 Facebook and YouTube Live streaming on Facebook is very good to get started and reach an initial audience while live streaming on YouTube is outstanding to get discovered over a long period of time. Combining live streaming on Facebook and on YouTube is ideal. I'd say to get started and to build up, live streaming on both Facebook and YouTube is the best option for most of us because it covers everything. To live stream on Facebook and get started is very easy because Facebook is one of the best places we can live stream and reach the people we already know, especially when we just live stream through our individual profile page. Where is the Best Website to Live Stream in 2018? Well, I mostly live stream on my page, but most of us are best suited to just start off on our profile because this will allow our friends and family maybe to start watching our live streams and give us the best shot of getting those initial viewers and feedback. The ideal way to do this then is to combine it with YouTube because it will allow us to get found indefinitely. On Facebook, we are very unlikely after we have live-streamed to get someone in a year or two to just naturally discover our live stream. On YouTube, this is a distinct possibility. Therefore, I think that for getting started the ideal solution is to live stream to a Facebook profile and to a YouTube channel. #3 Twitch Now, here are some other options that may be appropriate for certain situations. Twitch is huge in gaming. Twitch is one of the top platforms in the world along with YouTube and now Facebook where gamers live stream things like Xbox, PlayStation, PC games and even mobile games. The problem with Twitch is it's very hard to get that initial following. It's hard to get it shared on social media. For live streaming games, I think it's ideal to do Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. #4 Mixer Now, here's another option I've used called Mixer. Mixer is Microsoft's live streaming option and Mixer may be one of the easiest if you have got an Xbox, if there's not one already, I'm sure they will have an Xbox application to live stream straight from Xbox. #5 Twitter / Periscope We have got Twitter's live streaming application, which is Periscope. Another relatively small live-streaming platform compared to how big Twitter is. #6 Instagram #7 Smashcast Summary To summarize, I think the best place to get started is on DLive because we have a chance to actually earn some money from the beginning and even pay ourselves by buying Steem and powering it up. If we have the capability to buy even $100 worth of Steem and power it up to get started, then Dlive on the Steem blockchain is by far the best option. If we are unable to get started on DLive today for lack of equipment or having a Steem account and just want to give live streaming a try right away, the easiest live-streaming platform to get started for many of us is Facebook if we alrea

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