Who Do I Love Morning Walking Meditation! #191


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Will you discover the power of the "who do I love" morning walking meditation because I do this in the morning and it helps me out a lot to remain centered, to think about how may I best help people today and to feel good first thing in the morning? Who Do I Love Morning Walking Meditation #191 The basics of the meditation work like this. I get out in the morning and walk first thing, as often as I can, with my dogs and we just walk a couple of blocks. So, maybe a five or ten-minute walk. It helps me in the morning to get outside because I've been sleeping inside all night, which is a luxury, but at the same time it's good for my body to have some fresh air, to get the sunlight on me, to wake me up and to see nature, see the trees, see the grass, see the clouds in the sky. That helps me to get a state of mind that's more similar to that. I often wake up in a fog first thing in the morning. I'm not sure what I want to do. I often just kind of rat race, jump into something that I think ought to be good, and what helps me is to take my dogs for a walk and do this meditation instead. What I do, I leash up both of the dogs, we go out on a walk in the morning, and I think about, "who do I love?" What I do is I try to picture each person that I love. I picture each of my family members like my wife. I picture my daughter. Who Do I Love Morning Walking Meditation #191 Now, that's often easy because I've seen them first thing in the morning, so it's kind of easy for me to do a walking meditation with me having just seen my wife and my daughter. I then start picturing the rest of my family members. I picture my brother, his wife and daughter. I haven't seen them in a while. I picture all my other family members. I picture my mother. I actually forgot my mother this morning on the walk. "Sorry, Mom." I picture my wife's brother and sister, and their children. I picture my friends and family members. All right, I already said that. I think of all the people upvoting and watching my videos. I think of the people on Steem with me and the people taking my courses. I think about my neighbors and often at some point I actually get to myself. I think, "Thank God I love myself. I love this beautiful body that exists here today." Who Do I Love Morning Walking Meditation #191 Often that takes a good five or ten minutes on the walk and what happens when I go through and think about "who do I love," then I get this elevated perspective. I get this perspective that is, I know what to do next from a lot clearer point of view. I often wake up confused and I rush into something and lots of times the things I've rushed into, it had been better if I literally did nothing at all, like if I sat on the couch all day and just pet my dogs, that would have literally been better than whatever I decided would be a great idea instead. Today, I was intending to film some more on my new video course I'm making "The Complete Live Streaming Course" and I don't commit to doing something until I do my walking meditation. I did my walking meditation with my dogs, and then doing my walking meditation with my dogs, I felt like the best thing for everyone to do would be for me to talk about this walking meditation. I've been doing this for months now and my counselor, my coach, recommended it to me to just relax in the morning because I've been saying I get overwhelmed and I get all these thoughts and what do I do about all these thoughts? I told him I have these racing thoughts and I'm feeling anxious, and he suggested a morning walk and meditation. Who Do I Love Morning Walking Meditation #191 Now, for me, I've read a lot of books saying the power of meditation, but I sit in an AA meeting almost every day for an hour, I sit with my wife and daughter often at night. Basically, I have lots of time, enough time, where I can sit, and in the morning I want to be amped up, I want to be excited, I want to be r Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jerrybanfield/support https://flipboard.com/

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