Feb 13 Hour 3: If you can get angry, do you have the spirit of anger within? Racism and house slaves

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Caller from last hour Samuel of California continues about sin, the flesh, perfection and Christianity. He says humans can never be perfect but the Bible and Jesus said to be perfect. Jesse says he's perfect in that he's returned to his Father. He asks, so why do you worship and seek God? Jesse discusses the spirit of anger with him — he says he has no anger, as he doesn't walk around angry. Jesse asks, doesn't that mean you have not overcome anger? He sometimes gets angry, and that comes out of him from inside, so it is inside him — it takes a while to get this point through. (The Fallen State teaser for Valentine's Day tomorrow: Beauty guru says women control men secretly.) Jesse urges caller Samuel of California to go and forgive his mother. He says he's not an emotional person, but you shouldn't be soft or emotional about it. Caller Malik of Chicago questions Jesse about saying that "racism" does not exist. He thinks there's proof all the time in the news of "racism." He says he has white friends. He says Jesse sounds like a house slave. He brings up an example of a person saying the "n-word" for no reason — but he doesn't know the reason. So he can't say she said it for no reason. He says Jesse puts white people on a pedestal and uses Christianity, where Jesse was debating a rabbi (in The Fallen State) about "racism" existing. He's 28, from the South Side, Chicago, having only seen his father one time. He was not raised by his father, the 80's was a crazy time. He never thought about growing up without his father. Jesse asks him to call tomorrow.

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