Fri, Oct 18, Hour 2: Lone Boy Caught Standing for the Anthem; Death of Ron Ely's Wife


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Back to Jazz...he dealt with his mother and has a home and life is amazing! He calls to ask about thoughts and how to observe them. He admits most of his thoughts are about women. Patriotic Boy Caught Standing for the Anthem Alone Clarence from Indianapolis David from Wisconsin is smoking pot right now and Jesse asks him why is he smoking at 32 and so early? David reveals he is an atheist because he doesn't have a set of beliefs or like a religion. Jesse warns him if he doesn't forgive then he will suffer. David has a big problem with the way Jesse tells white people that black people hate them. --- Actor Ron Ely's Son Shot Dead After Stabbing His Mom Shehad from Sacrament, CA was watching church and has to comment on the flat earthers. Kyle from Buffalo, NY wants a b-day shoutout for his wife. Ed from Oklahoma and he claims the earth is BOTH round and flat… ok.

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