Tue, Oct 22, Hour 3: Liberal Canadian Jeet Heer Shows Us Where Canada Went Wrong


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GUEST: Jeet Heer; author, journalist and national affairs correspondent for The Nation magazine. --- Tim from Colorado answers the biblical question. He brings up David Pakman who Jesse is supposed to debate this weekend. Tim reveals he moved to Colorado which prompts Jesse to ask why he didn't stay where he was to fight for America. Tim says he just wants to make a family and have a farm but Jesse reminds him that the children of the lie will just move to where he is and take his family and children. Transgender Cyclist Keeps Smashing Women's Records Brandon from Georgia wonders why Jesse wont talk about the synagogue of Satan and the mark of the beast. He implies Jesse is scared to talk about those things as a preacher but Jesse asks if he ever heard him talk about the Democrats? Juliette from Virginia talks about her dominating mother. She also talks about the silent prayer and asks about the stomach aches and burps she gets when she does it. Timothy from Las Vegas, NV wonders why Jesse won't use his platform for good. Timothy has problems with Jesse's comments about Elijah Cummings.

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