God Can Use Our Present to Heal Our Past: Pastor Robert Morris and Musician Matt Maher


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Even after we know Jesus, many of us struggle with mistakes from our past. It seems like those memories will always haunt us and influence decisions we make. How do we learn to let go of the past and let God guide our future? This week’s guests, pastor Robert Morris and singer/songwriter Matt Maher, share how we can use our experiences and the constant presence of a supporting, loving God to become a blessing to others, whether we’re sharing our resources or learning to forgive our parents (and ourselves). In this episode, we’re reminded that God believes in us and He can help us peel back the layers of our souls; using our present to heal our past.

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Interview Quotes:

“Even though I believed in Jesus, I'd never given Him my will. I'd never given Him control, and I wanted to. I wanted to more than anything.” - Robert Morris

“There's a different direction in my heart.” - Robert Morris

“I teach that we get to give, we don't give to get.” - Robert Morris

“For us to truly live a life of blessing, or a life that blesses others, we've got to be generous. But we've also got to be good stewards of what God gives us.” - Robert Morris

“One of the most important things that I learned in growing up in Newfoundland, you treat everyone as if you are encountering the face of God.” - Matt Maher

“I think there were plenty of times when I didn't realize how much God believed in me.” - Matt Maher

“When it comes to the psychology of faith and how faith develops, a lot of us end up having very stunted experiences of growth. And we don't even realize that subconsciously, we're still praying and talking with God the same way that we did when we were four or five years old.” - Matt Maher

“There was just a lot of undoing that God needed to do. He needed to peel back a lot of layers, there was a lot of inner monologues where I was speaking for Him.” - Matt Maher

“I've always said that songwriting comes out of the overflow of the human heart that [comes from] spending time with God. And that's how I express. That's how God made me, to express life and process the things that I see or the things that I'm going through.” - Matt Maher

“For me, fatherhood has been one of the ways in which God has brought a lot of healing into my life, as I've been able to lean into faith and grace and extend that to my kids. God uses those moments in the present. He repairs the past.” - Matt Maher


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