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CLOVIDleaf (Cloverleaf) Radio's host "The Host with the Most" Jimmy Falcon "The King of the Quarantine" welcomes back, longtime friend, Writer/Author/Actor/Publisher, Brian K. Morris!

Born in Danville, Illinois, Brian K. Morris has wanted to be a writer since seventh grade. Since that realization, he's written mini-comics, business plans, ad copy for print, TV, and radio, written audio plays, produced/co-hosted/co-wrote a podcast, and since 1999, he's been an "award winning" playwright.
From 2008 until 2016, he's been a partner with The Metro Players, a group of performers who produce skits for the start and the finish to the annual Superman Celebration held in Metropolis, Illinois. In that year, Brian also added acting to his resume, appearing in local community theater as well as a documentary and a couple of independent films.
In 2013, he became a part of the Script Development team for Audio Movies, LLC. Also, he wrote Bloodshot: The Coldest Warrior based on the Valiant Comics character for the Kindle Worlds program.
This was followed up with Santastein: The Post-Holiday Prometheus, Conflict: A Study in Heroic Archetypes, and a new series Vulcana: Rebirth of the Champion. He's also contributed to the short story anthologies With Great Power, Malicious Mysteries, and Metahumans Vs. The Ultimate Evil.
Turning his writing to comic books, Brian has written (for BiMor Comics) Nature Boy, The Purple Claw, and Dr. Anthony King, Hollywood Love Doctor. He also has a Black Fury story with Charlton NEO as well as a secret project for Pwhack Comics.
He lives in Indiana with his wife and too many comic books. He maintains his Freelance Words and Vulcana pages on Facebook, edits and writes for Silver Phoenix Entertainment (Tales of Bachelor's Grove, Kadrolsha Ona, and a horror western to be named later) and wishes he didn't need to sleep so much.

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