Jobbing Out December 11, 2019 (TLC picks, Isaiah Williams talks about his WWE tryout)


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TLC is this Sunday and we...sorta know the card? We made our picks on this week's episode of the show...but we still don't really understand some of it. Is it specifically Bray Wyatt and NOT "The Fiend?" Is Bray Wyatt even the champion or just "The Fiend?" We have much to figure out. Oh and also...does no one know what "charcuterie" is??? In Segment 2 (32:05), former Maryland and NFL wide receiver Isaiah Williams checked in after he had a tryout with WWE this weekend in Orlando. Is he going to go the AJ route and start working matches? What would a faction with him, AJ and Mojo Rawley be called in WWE? In Segment 3 (50:11), Aaron joins us to make his own TLC picks but also to discuss how WWE smartly managed to complete Seth's heel turn without making Kevin Owens look completely stupid in the process.

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