Jobbing Out December 4, 2019 (Dan Maff previews ROH Final Battle)


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So much to do on this week's show-is there ANY chance WWE is changing their minds on fully turning Seth heel? And if they're going to do it the way we expect them to, why would they have Kevin Owens literally explain it on RAW? Weird. Also Dynamite offered quite possibly their best TV segment yet and everyone loved it yet for some reason in Segment 2 it lead to a fight because you guys that's what we do! In Segment 3 (1:00:55), the boys got the chance to catch up with Ring Of Honor's Dan Maff, who emotionally discussed his path back to the company after more than a decade away. This was a powerful conversation ahead of his match with Jeff Cobb at Final Battle next Friday night at UMBC. And we wrapped by discussing the greatness of the Keith Lee/Adam Cole spot and more.

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