Jobbing Out July 23, 2020 (Chris Bey joins and Extreme Rules reaction)


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Extreme Rules was a horror show, but how exactly? Will the bizarre nature of #EyeForAnEye end up standing the test of time? Does that justify how objectively "bad" the end was after what was otherwise a great match? Plus we talk about muddying the women's picture just a bit, who's the U.S. champ and the rest of RAW, Smackdown, NXT and AEW. To wrap the show (1:30:40), new IMPACT X Division champion Chris Bey joined us to discuss his big win over Willie Mack at SLAMMIVERSARY, growing up in Northern Virginia (Alexandria) and the inspirational story of how his father's cancer battle and death fueled his push to great success as a pro wrestler at a young age.

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