Jobbing Out June 18, 2020 (Kevin Eck returns to the show & PayBacklash fallout)


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PayBacklash is in the rearview mirror and it......certainly happened. Edge/Randy Orton was good, but does the framing of the match actually hurt the way we look at it in retrospect? Where do we go with Edge sidelined? Should Randy Orton ACTUALLY be a face? Plus, Paul Heyman is out, we're going "Champ Champ" on NXT and much more. At 1:00:35, our friend Kevin Eck joins the program to discuss his new #ROHStrong podcast for Ring Of Honor. We discussed how the podcast is helping to fill the void with no live wrestling right now, when we might see wrestling again, EC3 teasing a turn to ROH, what a change at the top of a writer's room means for a brand like RAW and much more.

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