Jobbing Out November 13, 2019 (Full Gear reaction and PCO returns to the show)


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The guys spent the weekend at AEW Full Gear and Starrcast and have much to discuss. The main event-HOLY HELL. But are AEW fans who bitch about the WWE just huge hypocrites? We talked about that all in Segment 1 of this week's show. In Segment 2 (39:38), CM PUNK IS BACKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....kinda. What does it mean? What do we want? Why would anyone complain? Oh and the Rusev/Lana thing is a mess and is also still really great. In Segment 3 (1:11:39), the amazing PCO returns to the show to talk about how things have changed for him in the last year and a half as he now gets ready to face RUSH for the Ring Of Honor World Title at Final Battle December 13 at UMBC Events Center.

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