Jobbing Out November 5, 2019 (CHRIS JERICHO JOINS THE SHOW YOU GUYS)


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You guys, this is the week when we have Chris Jericho on the show. Do we need to explain anything else? I mean, in Week 1 we discussed the crazy week for WWE-including a great SmackDown, the fallout from the Saudi Arabia mess, them actually pulling the trigger on the title change at Crown Jewel and more BUT SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS CHRIS JERICHO IS COMING. In Segment 2 (33:41), AJ was back home to battle Ken Dixon at Primal Conflict Wrestling this weekend. What did that cheating jerk do to that has lead AJ to not even wanting another match against him? Brandon reminds us about Starrcast this weekend at Rams Head Live and we made our picks for AEW Full Gear at Royal Farms Arena AND ALSO IN JUST A COUPLE OF SECONDS IT'S CHRIS JERICHO HOLY HELL. And in Segment 3 (1:08:07), CHRIS JERICHO. It's Chris Jericho. You've heard of him. We talked to him about bubbly, lists, facing Cody at Full Gear, Longhorn Steakhouse and more.

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