Jobbing Out October 1, 2020 (Puf joins us and TakeOver picks)


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Night of Clash of the Champions is in the rear view mirror and one main event was absolutely amazing while the other was...well...kinda silly, really. But maybe that's okay? We discussed the dynamics of the matches and where we go from here. Plus, why do we have problems with two consenting adults potentially dating? That's a weird bit. After that we made our NXT TakeOver: 31 picks and then we wrapped the show by having a fascinating, in-depth conversation with Puf (1:13:14) about how his year went from similarly terrible to the rest of ours to an absolutely massive breakthrough with AEW, what the bachelor party would be if Kip Sabian really HAD made him his "Best Man," what comes next and a person in his position being unafraid to speak up about his issues with the President despite knowing how many pro wrestling fans might not like him saying it.

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