Jobbing Out October 4, 2018 (Super Show-Down picks w/Steve Migs & former WWE writer Kevin Eck)


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It's a Pay-Per-View week! (Technically.) The boys are back and terribly unhappy to be talking wrestling together again. In the first segment, Glenn brings up a story that was written by our friend (and former WWE writer) Kevin Eck for about how WWE shouldn't be giving main event spots to Undertaker/HHH/Shawn Michaels/Kane right now. AJ is hot. SOOOO...we bring in Kevin to let he and AJ have it out. It gets...awkward. You'll have to decide for yourself who is right. In Segment 2 (36:29), our buddy Steve Migs (from everywhere in Seattle) joins us to make picks for Super Show-Down. Loser this month will have to lick ALL OF THE ICING OFF A BIRTHDAY CAKE in 30 seconds because Migs, Aaron and Glenn have all had recent birthdays. Is THIS the time Samoa Joe finally takes the belt off AJ Styles? What other titles might change hands in Australia? In Segment 3 (1:17:06), Glenn pays off his most recent bet and performs a Shaquille O'Neal rap song. It is not good. Plus the latest on Neville, WWE signs another ROH star, ROH adds an indie darling and much more.

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