Jobbing Out October 8, 2019 (Hell In A Cell reaction and Percy Watson joins us!)


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Welp. That all...happened. Kofi Kingston was buried, a HIAC match had no finish, four million people tuned into pro wrestling on FOX...all of it decidedly HAPPENED. And we discussed all of it in Segment 1. In Segment 2 (37:02)-other things happened too! Rusev/Lana/Lashley things! Tyson Fury and Cain Velasquez things! All of the damn things!!! In Segment 3 (1:03:07)-former NXT performer and commentator (and once a former Washington Redskin) Nick McNeil AKA Percy Watson joined us to reflect on his path from football to pro wrestling, his favorite moments during his time with WWE, leaving the company on good terms, the possibility he could come back and seeing his friends performing now on USA. And we wrapped by reflecting on AJ's recent TLC match (it was bonkers), AEW winning the first "Wednesday Night War" and whether WWE actually cares.

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