Needing and Needed


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It’s hard to believe it has been a week since our last Wild Soul Medicine transmission. Ten days since Lance and I initiated our separation. It seems like eons ago and also just a moment or two that we began this phase of Becoming. Time feels surreal when you are in the Dying. Totally off script... I keep reaching for some advice or guidance on how to DO this thing. What we should be thinking or saying. How we ought to be acting or feeling. And I’m also clear that we are making up our own script here. Doing it OUR way. Listening carefully to the new language of the I and We. Allowing the whispers of the In-formation of our own Needs to show us and teach us what is next. Giving time and space to the long quiet parts of ourselves that are re-introducing themselves in the Void. We aren’t only Dying either. There is so much Life in the midst of what is falling away. After almost two years of not even a job interview, Lance has had several hot prospects - one of which is a dream job scenario for him. I couraged up and dove into my finances to find several thousand dollars a month in leaks that have now been addressed. Some of the best conversations we’ve had with our children (ever) have occurred in this last week. And I am getting glimpses of my Bigness. How much of me I have dumbed down, hidden, and repressed in service of keeping the peace and not ruffling the feathers of my Beloveds. I am noticing how a system (like a family or a relationship) has an intricately interwoven, infinitely complex set of energetics that are finely tuned to and highly responsive to shifts in any part of the system. Watching how me Truly standing for my own needs is calling forth dormant parts in those around me. It’s a lot to take in. And I am very tender and tired. I don’t desire to hold the whole space today. I am learning some things that are worth sharing AND I would like some wisdom and counsel as well. I know that we're all going through a lot right now. Perhaps you have Medicine for me and I have Medicine for you? Each of us Needing as much as we are Needed. Let’s Gather in circle then. Sharing our Wild Soul Medicine with and for ourselves and each other. If you’d like to offer your voice to the conversation, you can call in today at: Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5010 Guest pin code: 289732# If you are called to Witness but not speak, you can listen via the internet here. I would love to hear from those of you who have gone through a separation or are currently going through one. What did you learn? What would you do differently? What were you really glad you did? There will also be space for those of you who are contemplating a separation or in the midst of one yourself. How can we support you? Where do you feel stuck? What would you like to have Witnessed? Let’s Be Together as we navigate the Unraveling. Learning and Leaning. Grieving and Praising. Needing and Needed. I’ll meet you there.

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