Joel's Crime Stories Special Edition: Justice For Corey "CJ" Proctor


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Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney Keith Higgins has told Glynn County Superior Court he has dropped a murder charge against Akeem Brown in the March 2018 shooting death of Corley “CJ” Proctor and murder and conspiracy charges against Brown’s wife, Tiffany Brown, according to the Brunswick News. Proctor, a 22-year-old from Brantley County, was found shot to death inside his car at the end of Golden Isles Parkway. Tiffany Brown was arrested April 5 and charged with Proctor’s murder. Akeem Brown was arrested 10 days later, also charged with murder. Police believe the two lured Proctor to the remote location, where he was shot dead with a .40 caliber handgun. Tiffany Brown was to be the key witness against Akeem Brown, but Higgins said she refuses to testify. “The state cannot compel her to testify against him because of the marital testimony privilege,” Higgins wrote in the motion. “There is insufficient evidence at this time to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.” The Brunswick News reported that Higgins discussed the decision with Proctor’s mother and sister before filing the motion. In this episode I will be interviewing CJ mother to give us more in-depth on how her son has not received justice yet.

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