JoKo Solo - JohnnyBoy Against The Anti-Vaxers - AND MOISTLINE!


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Andrew Mollenbeck—speculation that Hermosa Beach arsonist is a vagrant John Manly says USC Tyndall settlements are wrong Dems set up dopey debate rundown LA Times on how opioid problem started Anti Vaxxers are an angry crowd - Actress Jessica Biel is speaking out against vaccines Sac Bee reporter says 2020 Dems are begging for Garcetti’s endorsement Alex Stone—Mexico is cracking down on migrants - Mexico’s head of immigration resigns ICE has put 5k migrants in seclusion for chicken pox and mumps Austin Bennett anti vaxxer kook-John hung up on him— Austin Bennett is pissed and takes to facebook live to complain about Ray and Johnny boy Murders and death from Dominican Republic Moist Line!

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