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Don’t go podcasting my heart! This week we have no guest. What we do have is a replacement Neil, in the form of E from Eels. Jonah and Cash sit with the charming songwriter and frontman and talk music, his time performing with Steve Perry, and how he hates Neil.

While huge mega corporations strive to make inroads into serious music journalism while cutting back on serious journalists, we make them look like fools with our groundbreaking Music News. We talk Mott The Hoople, a new that dog album and Jonah points out a Eels-sublime-Beatles riff

Later we get into making small heathy choices rather then trying to turn your whole life around and subverting audiences expectations in what kinda show they’re gonna get. It was real cool.

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Mike Henry- Jenn Stewart

Aaron Beckum- Carpenters Song

Good Graces- Three

Grave Lake- Sleeper

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