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Gerard Way: Live Episode at LA Comic-Con

Hey everybody, Cash here.

This week our episode come to you from LA COMICON where Jonah hosted Gerard Way, musician/comic creator/very busy man. You may know him from My Chemical Romance, his comic/Netflix series the Umbrella Academy or his current run on Doom Patrol. He and Jonah talk about keeping the creative spark going and finding the right medium for the right idea. It was a good talk. I saw it live.

We were gonna do like a wrap around with music news and such, for all the MusicNeüsheads out there, but then Neil has been having stomach problems. Apparently threw up on his feet in the shower this morning. (For some reason Jonah wanted me to include that.) Anyways we thought that after some serious allegations of sucking were thrown towards Neil by E from Eels last week, we should not record a new episode without giving Neil the chance to defend hisself.

So here you have it.

Watch it here if you’d like. It was on Youtube!

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