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What a few hundred between friends, podcastseñors? This week we welcome back one half of a past guest the rapper, writer and good dude B.Dolan. The Epic Beard Man helps us ring in our two hundredth episode with music Neüs, his double career and how Jesus Walks was Kanyes’ Chekhov’s gun.

Music Neüs covers the Gallegher update, a chance for knots to hang out at sea, and bus drivers, man. B also catches us up on his screenwriting career. Check out his movies Almost Mercy and Vault. Check out his current tour at iambdolan.com, especially those in Colorado!

The best way to celebrate any anniversary, any birthday, anything is to have a good time. We did that. Even if we didn’t realize it was an anniversary until after.

Thanks as always. Submit you stuff at jonahraydio@gmail.com.


epic beard men- you can’t tell me shit

evil waves- death waltz

b.dolan- graffiti busters

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