Journey - Episode 64 - Guestmix by Nishan Lee


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This episode features tunes from Greenage, PHCK, Newman, DSF, and more. On the guestmix for this episode is Nishan Lee. Message from Nishan: "It’s important to support your local musicians and Local musicians are loyal to their fans, mainly because they’re the reason they’re able to play their music and they rely on their supporters to continue their dream. If the local artists that you support make it to the top, it’s an awesome feeling to stand back knowing you’ve been there from their first shows as a small artist and witnessed their growth into a recognized talent in the music industry. So get out there and go support your local artists & music! Chances are you’ll be finding great, undiscovered music and awesome people behind the art!" Follow Goos: Follow Nishan Lee Artwork by Hyphen Design -

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