Episode 2: Reuben Lael


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"My music is a representation of who I am striving to be." - Reuben Lael
In this episode of Journey of an Artist, host Emmeline sits down with Reuben Lael--a singer, songwriter, performer, music educator, and graphic designer. Reuben talks candidly and joyfully about his experience at the HBCU Southern University, his passion for bringing music into the classroom, his desire to increase representation, and his activism in and for the Black community. In celebration of Black History Month, Reuben also celebrates the success of his brand new single, "Stand Up," as an anthem for those whose voices need to be heard. Reuben and Emmeline also chat candidly about the reality of adult life as millennials, the importance of hustle, and how one's upbringing impacts their creative path. You're sure to be moved by Reuben's passion and enthusiasm for art, as well as his wisdom and patience in persistently pursuing his goals.
To stay inspired by the disciplined and delightful Reuben Lael, follow him on Instagram at @ReubenGotSoul, and be sure to check out his music on any and all streaming or downloading platforms. For behind-the-scenes information and more about Journey of an Artist, follow Emmeline on social media at @EmmelineMusic.

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