Episode 21: Brian Schexnayder


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"If we always are trying to make today's performance or today's work a little bit better than yesterday, there's no way for us to get complacent at what we're doing." - Brian Schexnayder.
In this episode, Emmeline sits down with Julliard alum and former baritone soloist for the Metropolitan Opera, Brian Schexnayder. They talk about Brian's time at the Met, his transition from performing to teaching, the importance of vocal technique, the necessity of presence in performance, and the benefits artists can reap by shifting their mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance. Brian also shares a bit about how his path deviated from his own expectations, what it was like to tour Europe, and why he thinks every singer is capable of fruitful improvement.
To learn more about Brian Schexnayder or to schedule a voice lesson, visit his official website. For behind-the-scenes info and more about Journey of an Artist, follow Emmeline on social media at @EmmelineMusic.

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