Episode 8: Amber LaFrance


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"Every year I lean more and more into the fact that I'm not like everyone else." - Amber LaFrance
In this episode, Emmeline sits down with public relations representative, radio DJ, and president of Culture Hype, Amber LaFrance. Amber earned her degree in business from Texas State in San Marcos, then got her start with Juice Consulting in Austin, TX. Upon moving back to Dallas, Amber combined her love for music with her enthusiasm for fashion to provide an unparalleled publicity machine, amplifying brands in publications like Forbes, The New York Times, Texas Monthly, Refinery29, Wired, and more. Amber and Emmeline talk about staying true to your instincts, trusting the unconventional path, and allowing your quirks to be your superpower. They also swap hilarious stories about their experiences in marketing and radio.
To continue to follow Amber's journey, find her on Instagram at @amberlafrance. To learn more about Amber's company, Culture Hype, visit their official website or find them on Instagram at @culture_hype. You can hear Amber's new show, Woman Crush Wednesday, on Deep Ellum Radio at 11 AM CST on Wednesdays.

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