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The path to success is rarely a straight line. And the path to success as a creative professional? That line tends to be especially squiggly.

My name is Emmeline, and in my new series, Journey of an Artist, I talk to creatives from all walks of life about their passions, their paths, and the persistence they’ve employed to reach a point of professional and personal fulfillment. As an independent singer-songwriter and creative writer, I’ve been blessed to interact with all kinds of artists—voice actors, poets, dancers, musicians, graphic designers, stylists, and more. In Journey of an Artist, we discuss the decisions they’ve made, the challenges they’ve faced, the obstacles they’ve overcome, and where they’d like their vision to take them next. We also reinforce the belief that—with love, grit, perseverance, and an abundance of joy—anything is possible.

You can live the life you want, the life that brings you the most joy, and my guests are living proof. Join me, Emmeline, every Sunday night at 5 PM CST on Deep Ellum Radio to hear a new artist’s story. Then, each episode is available as a podcast the very next day! And now, stay tuned for the very first episode.

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