Sandy Kimpel on Enagic's Ionized Kangen Water


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For over 25 years Sandy Kimpel was employed in the corporate world and in working for others she always felt she was not living her true purpose but didn’t know what that was. Having a compassionate and caring nature, she would drop everything and help those in ill-health or need where she could. When her own health took a turn for the worse, she experienced challenges and was unemployed. For years she struggled to turn this around. One day, a colleague that she had worked with previously, introduced her to a unique water and over time as she drank it, things started to shift in her health. This life altering experience put the wheels in motion. Researching and learning about the company behind this unique water and the Founder and CEO’s mission to spread true health around the world was the catalyst that allowed Sandy to find her purpose and become an Independent Distributor with Enagic. She is living Enagic’s mission of true health; realizing true physical health; realizing true financial health; and realizing true mental health. She feels blessed to be healthy, out there meeting wonderful people, having time for her family, and making a difference in other’s lives by sharing the mission of true health globally one family at a time. It fills her heart knowing how this has and is changing lives here in our community and around the world! She is excited to share with you why Enagic’s tag line is “Change Your Water…Change Your Life!”

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