Achieving Your Dreams Through Your Dreams


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Traci’s favorite thing about Andrew Holecek? He teaches on the opportunities that exist in obstacles.

In this episode:

Find more about the thrill of waking up in your dreams and having the time of your life in the privacy of their own mind.

Tips on making better use of the combined 50 hours a week the average person spends in slumber and turn part of it into a life-transforming experience.

Drawn to the concept of Lucid Dreaming as a vehicle for awakening or spiritual expansion

You can add up to six years of your life by leveraging your lucid dreams.

Every human being on this planet sleeps and dreams.

Have you ever wondered what’s going on when you sleep and dream?

What are those shadowy states of consciousness we all share?

Are they mere rest that serves no other purpose than rejuvenating your physical body?

What if there was more to the story?

What if those were the greatest missed opportunities of humankind?


Honor your dreamstate by starting to journal your dreams.


We can add 6 years to our life by attaining awareness of our dream experience.

~Andrew Holecek

The unconscious mind dictates much of our conscious mind.

~Andrew Holecek

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