Being a Nomad is being responsible.


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Meet our Guest Celinne Da Costa, Italian- Brazilian nomadic dreamer with infinitely more curiosity than time.

Traci wants to tell her 17 year old self to meet Celinne and travel the world. Celinne wants to introduce Traci and Celinne to her mom!!

Celinne pushes Russ Waaaaay outside of his comfort zone with stories from her teen years.

What is the difference between being responsible and the business badge of honor?

3 tips to become your own life architect starting today.

Traci DeForge Takeaway -

Redefine Responsibility. Your responsibility is to show up for yourself so you can show up for others.

Spend your time to find out what it is that you really want instead of checking off a list of things that aren’t even what we want to do.

Write down your fears and break them. Instead of saying I can’t afford ask yourself How can I do this?

Once you make the decision. Take action in incremental steps which open the possibilities for you so the opportunities come to you which enables you to stay on the journey you set out to be on.

Don’t get stuck in the fear. Start a conversation and watch the opportunities present themselves.

Show Quotes -

We are the architect and the world is the village helping you build your dream brick by brick.

Have a vision and hold to it.

Start a conversation and watch the opportunities present themselves.

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