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Live from Los Angeles, CA with Gina Delvac, producer of the podcast Call Your Girlfriend!

Gina and Traci discuss honoring the feminine way women do business and how Call Your Girlfriend started out as a fun podcast and turned into a “happy accident” yet successful small business.

How to prioritize valuing the financial piece of working with your girlfriends.

Gina shares how the “girlfriends” on the show settle conflict with their sound founding principle of not tearing anyone down.

Have you heard about the female founder who hired a fake male CEO while raising capital for their business?

Harvard Business school groups made up of friends prove to be the most unstable in founder turnover rates of nearly 30%.

Gina gives us the key to the success of the Call your Girlfriends partnership.

Traci DeForge Takeaway:

Own your strengths and seeking people that value that in you. That is the type of person you want to get into business

Be committed to the respect of the relationship is the core to the success of any friendship, marriage or business partnership

Flex your ego. Shout out what you’re good at!

Show Quotes:

I don't shine if you don't shine!

Extraordinary blazes new trails!

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