Conquering Your Quarter Life Crisis with guest Kali Rogers


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In this episode:

We speak with Kali Rogers founder of about handling a quarter life crisis..or an anytime life crisis!

What is a quarter life crisis?

What is the Formula the Millennial generation is rebelling against when it comes to the typical job path?

How to extend the typical brick and mortar businesses beyond the geographic land lock?

Paradox of Choice is paralyzing at whatever stage of life or crossroads you might be experiencing.

The life we create is based on the choices that we make.

A crisis brings up the authentic drive to make the change and then you have to have the courage to make the choices to make that change.

Go from FOMO To JOMO: The fear of missing out to the Joy of Missing Out.

With age comes timelines which can lead to choices that make things challenging.

Pretend you are in a ageless world and see how much freedom that brings.

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