MIA due to a MRI


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In This Episode:

Denial is powerful. It is even more powerful when your body is trying to speak to you about the state of your wellness.

Traci talks frankly about how blurry vision, migraines, forgetfulness… and other neurological symptoms led to an unlikely wake up call.

Are you guilty of fake relaxing?

Don’t be blindsided when it comes to your own health. Be your own advocate.

If you are not paying attention to your body it will keep reminding you until you do.

Traci DeForge Takeaway:

Don’t be blindsided by side effects of medication. List your medications and list the side effects. Cross check them and then check in on your wellness.

Be your own health advocate.

Wake up to your own state of well-being before your body gives you a wakeup call.


"You are only as good for your business are you are for yourself."

"If you're not paying attention to your body; It will keep reminding you until you do."

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