Motivation or Momentum? Find out the difference and why it matters.


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In This Episode:

To get momentum we must be motivated. To get motivated we need momentum. This is not a riddle. Find out why.

Motivation is REASON. Momentum is the ACTION you take.

According to the experts in the sciences of neurology and behavior – 95% of what drives our behavior as human beings is unconscious.

Is motivation or momentum the ultimate chicken and egg dilemma?

DEFINE THE WIN! You can’t get momentum until you define the win. Every little win is one step closer to more momentum.Traci DeForge Takeaways:

Get an accountability partner. If you don’t have somebody that is on the same page with where you’re going then invest in a coach or consultant.

Lower the bar to raise the bar: Start out with a first draft or first sketch that is not your best. This helps minimize your fear.. It can only go up from there!


"It is never the size of your problem that is the problem. It’s a lack of momentum." -John Maxwell

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