Your Truth vs Your Training


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The New media rules. There are no rules. And if you don't evolve with how things are changing you will get left behind.

Journey to There is throwing down a challenge! There should be a national authentic media day where all of the all of the anchors and all of the co-hosts all of the people on ABC NBC, Fox News and CNN wake up in the morning, brush their teeth, get in their car go on camera raw and unedited. No Makeup- No Stylists. We dare you to do that!

We are all walking around with too many expectations of people to meet us where we were versus just respecting where they are.

Truth vs Training is so important to break down because whether you're getting ready to be on CNN, do a Facebook video or just walk into a room of peers at church or a movie theater or whatever. We all have a tendency to want to put on this mask of what we think other people feel like we should be like, act like, walk like and talk like.

A revealing story on how Peter Shankman, founder of HARO (Help A Reporter Out) revealed a huge disappointment to social media and gained 10,000 new followers.

What is your truth vs your training when it comes to showing up for traditions?

How do you respond to those that have non traditional marriages, careers and/or lifestyles? Are those reactions about them or based on a struggle going on inside of you?

Stand in your truth. Question Everything.

Click here to watch my highly (self- critiqued) interview with Ashley Sanders!


Break the traditions that no longer work for you.

Be willing to inspire change

Really pay attention to the energy of the environment that you're in. If you're going through the motions of something and feel that as a physical experience...Allow yourself to pause in the moment and identify the fact that is your truth. You do not want to be there or in that experience. Remember that feeling for the next time so the next time it happens you can make a different decision.

When you're going into any type of situation or redundancy of a tradition or anything that is occurring where you can literally feel the “life being sucked out of you” or that energy drain or just feeling like tired and exhausted. Pay attention to what your circumstances are and your environment is around when that feeling occurs and make a conscious decision not to recreate that scenario again.



The New media rules. There are no rules

Stand in your truth. Question Everything.

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