1:4 Walking on Water with worship by Angela Pinkston & Emily Tedrow (2015)


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This meeting took place in Portland, Oregon at a Precious Daughter's conference July 31, 2015. Jessika and Jen share a little bit about Destiny House and then Jen share's about the importance of intimacy with Jesus as essential for stepping into the impossible. Then the incredible and anointed Angela Pinkston & Emily Tedrow take us deep into worship. Peter didn’t walk on water to say he surfed or to do the impossible. He just wanted to be closer to Jesus in the storm. He didn’t know where else to go so he put himself in greater danger to be with the one he loved. May we do the same today. No matter what it looks like, may we go out to meet Jesus in the deeper places still. This session is significant because it was one of the first times Jen began speaking on Walking on Water which later developed into a book she wrote on the subject.

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