Eps 205: Wendy Bertagnole breaks down the sensory system in a way that makes PERFECT SENSE!


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My guest today is Wendy Bertagnole.

Wendy Bertagnole, is a lover of chocolate, lifter of heavy weights, believer in wearing yoga clothes most every day, and a mother of three kids. She works with moms who are frustrated with their children’s behavior, helping them to once again enjoy motherhood and their children. With an undergrad degree in child development and a masters in special education, Wendy has taken what she’s learned, while also raising her three kids, to serve others

Wendy knows that not every child shows up 100% happy and willing to cooperate every moment of every day, which can be frustrating. She believe every behavior is a form of communication and her mission is to help every parent understand what their child is communicating through their behavior.

Wendy’s work is aligned with the mission of Joyful Courage and I am thrilled to have some time to talk with her today.

Find Wendy:

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