Ep 289: Entrepreneurship: a faith + personal development journey


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I pray that this episode blesses you richly.

Inside I lay out - candidly - this thing called entrepreneurship. And the journey it takes us on, developing us as people and deepening our faith.

Listen as I share:

- unrealistic expectations in the early days of entrepreneurship - a path too many take when the going gets tough (and the alternative path I pray YOU take) - the importance of identifying our deeply-held beliefs that don't serve us (and HOW to do that) - the primacy of faith in all we do as entrepreneurs - portions of my personal entrepreneurial journey (and the JOY coming out the other side....ohhhh, the power of faith in Christ!)

At the end I lay out a powerful exercise to help you identify YOUR issues and a heart-felt encouragement to pursue the Lord's personal answer to you overcoming them.

Inside I pose a question (I want to hear from YOU, sister). Give us your response - and your feedback - through leaving a Voice Note here: judyweber.co/podcast (just scroll down til you see the microphone)

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