Ep 302: Next-Level Lead Generation (10X your results)


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The (almost) daily cry of struggling entrepreneurs: leads, leads…I need more leads.

Today's episode is dedicated to answering that cry with a simple yet highly effective way to do precisely that!

Meet Tamra Millikan. Host of the Turn Clicks into Clients Podcast. National award-winning sales and marketing expert on the topics of lead generation & automation. To fill your (consultants, coaches & professional services CEOs) calendar with appointments.

GOOD NEWS: we are NOT talking about mainstream social media marketing – posting, DMing OR ads. (Let's say it together: ….hallelujah!)

Listen to this episode to learn:

- The 1st step in better, predictable leads (2:30)

- How to determine the "right" lead magnet for your niche (8:41)

- How to automate your lead generation (and get better quality leads) (11:40)

- Which tech software is right for your business (15:46)

- The best way to find potential collaborative partners (to pour gas on your lead gen efforts) (19:34)

Download Tamra's: Lead Generation Roadmap: https://clickautomations.com/roadmap

Learn more about Tamra & her services: https://clickautomations.com

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