Ep 306: Success is a Mindset: Dealing With the 'Hard Stuff'


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Success. Something we all aspire to, to some degree.

Why does attaining it seem hard?

In this episode, you'll hear how one woman of God went from suicidal thoughts to an entirely new place of renewal & healing - oh how our Lord works!

Meet Kim Levings. Founder of ReThinkYou. Workplace Performance Strategist. Master Coach. Personal Development Expert.

Her approach to her work with both executives & entrepreneurs can be summed up in this passage appearing on her website:

Success is a mindset. Who you are becoming in pursuit of your dreams is what really matters.

This episode will inspire you to reach higher as we discuss:

- Kim's remarkable story (from suicidal thoughts to ultimate fulfillment in Christ; God is surely involved in the details) (2:15)

- how so many women 'have it together' professionally, yet have 'messy' personal lives (and what to do to change that) (21:45)

- the importance of acknowledging your feelings (and how to take charge over them, by using what you already have) (11:49)

Find out more about Kim: https://kimlevings.com

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